Up Close and Personal with Rosco Davis

And here it is, my final project.

Look at my post before for a little background on Rosco. He’s an awesome person to talk to and I decided to let his story be told. He talks about his calling, view on life, his dreams and teaching yoga at a local church. 

He’s just a great and inspirational guy and talking with him is always something I look forward to. 

Complications. I had a little snag in my plans when my original subject bailed on me, but luckily I found Rosco and he’s the perfect subject. He was easy to talk to and videoing was a breeze. My tripod wouldn’t work so I had to film by hand. Hopefully the video still looks good. 

If I could do it differently, I would definitely use the tripod and I wish I had more time to spare with him. 

Please enjoy, here’s the link below. 

I also wanted to include two other stories that are a little like mine for your viewing pleasure. 

This one is about a war veteran with major disabilities. They said moving would be impossible for him, but watch his inspiring story about how yoga healed him. It’s like Rosco says, yoga is a way of healing physically and mentally. 


The second video story is just too cool to not share. It’s a horse doing yoga. Yes, a horse. It’s used to calm him down since he’s a wild stallion. It’s an awesome video and the story is just amazing. 


I hope y’all enjoy these stories and that they give some peace and tranquility to your day. I’m about to go do some yoga to relax because this is my last project of finals week. 



The Final Countdown

Good afternoon!

Finals week is in full swing and I’m starting to crank out all my final projects. That’s what happens when you’re a journalism major, final projects in place of finals. It’s great and stressful at the same time. 

After a little snag in my plans for my multimedia projects, I will be posting my project tomorrow night. It focuses on Rosco Davis. He is a recent Auburn graduate with big dreams and a big heart. His spirituality is magnetic and he is open to speaking with anyone who listens. 

ImageHe has traveled the world learning about different ways of life and building sustainable housing and tools for natives. 

He teaches yoga at multiple venues, even free classes at a campus church. He’s a man on a journey and I’m excited to show you my final video project. 


Be looking for my video and an unclose look at a yoga class and the awesome Rosco Davis. 

One Last Sip

It’s finals week so I am trying to find things to do that do not involve me working on my finals. It’s been an interesting semester to say the least. I worked on many different projects for multiple classes. I stretched and pulled and strained my schedule and my time, with many glasses of wine to push me along and keep me sane. It’s amazing what a glass of wine can do. It sounds a little cliche, but nothing makes me feel better than some wine with my friends whining about school or boys or anything we could think of.

Wine has the ability to bring people together. It inspires people and makes them feel happy and like they can do anything. I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s portable happiness in a bottle. Doesn’t matter who you are, there’s a wine for you. There’s a wine for every occasion, every food.

ImageThere’s sad wine, happy wine, celebration wine, going away wine, I’m sorry wine, relaxing wine and the list goes on.

I’ve learned a lot about people who make wine, have made it their life’s work and treat it like a work of art. It’s beautiful to hear a wine-maker’s story and hear about all the blood, sweat, tears and grapes that went into their work of art.

This started as a class project, but it’s become a fun way to understand and learn about something I love. Wine is great, but the people who make it are even better. So, salud! I might come around and write a couple of posts after my next glass of really great wine.

StoryCellars….Get It?

ImageI have stumbled upon something truly great.

Not to toot my own horn, but there is a website out there that I have found and fallen in love with. It is called StoryCellars, Every Wine Has A Story.

How adorable is that?

When I first found it, I was amazed by the beautiful pictures featured. They dissolve on the main page and they are stellar. Here’s the link because I can’t do it justice.


It’s a website for a video production and graphic design firm. I don’t think it is very well know, but it could be. They feature tons of videos of wineries, restaurants, even the 2013 Professional Wine Writers Symposium. Who knew?

The videos are a little short, more like teasers and they leave you wanting more. There was even a holiday wine video for Domaine Carneros and it was cute and cheesy and looked like a lot of fun.

I definitely give this website an A in quality and entertainment. I’m sure I’ll be sitting here for the next few hours perusing all the videos they have to offer. I really like how the videos include real people and real places that are just getting started or have been there for years.

The videos are well shot and you can tell that the people know what they are doing.

They’re located in Saint Helena, Cali. and have been around since 2011. Check them out, I really approve.


Top Five Napa Wineries to Pay a Visit

So, I’ve been a very busy bee this week. After learning all about google maps, I put all the knowledge and work into a little project. Below you will find five of the best Napa Valley Wineries to visit. It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Napa in California, and doing a little bit of research only excited me even more. These vineyards are so nice and I can’t even begin to think about how amazing the wine probably is. Each of these wineries offers a different and unique aspect that is simply Napa.

1. Beaulieu Vineyard

Sounds as fancy as it looks. Its one of the oldest vineyards in Napa, dating back to 1885. You can tour the vineyard, try some of the barrel stored wine and take a look in a room dedicated to the history of the vineyard. Great for any wine historian.

2. Black Stallion.

The name itself gives me chills. BS is all about grapes, grapes and more grapes. They have 17 different varieties and they are all up for analysis. They have a tasting room complete with yummy flatbread, and its only $20

3. Buehler Vineyards

This place is breathtaking. It is family owned and pretty affordable. The Buehler family does the private tours and tastings and will do anything to help out the visitors.

4. Cade Estate

This vineyard is a little different. It is fully sustainable and a LEED certified winery. And it’s in the heart of the mountains. They have a famous Sauvignon Blanc and the outdoor tables and chairs are perfect for an afternoon tasting.

5. Domaine Chandon

One of the only Napa wineries with a restaurant on site. The tasting lounge comes with special entrees that were specifically designed to accompany the Chandon sparkling wines. Yum.

I actually learned a lot by researching these beautiful vineyards and I feel like I actually have a handle on the whole google maps thing. It’s amazing what you can do with google maps. So, please feel free to take a look at my map, I promise its easy and fun. Print it out and take it with you on your next trip to California.


A bottle of wine a day….

Hello all!

So I came across this article a few days ago and it got me thinking. Yes, it’s an article from the UK, but it still applies. We’ve all heard people saying that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart and prevents some kinds of cancer. A new article just came out, quoting a retired Finnish professor, Kari Poikolainen. The professor said that upon his findings, more than a bottle of wine a day is dangerous.


So he says drink away?

He also says that “UK guidelines are therefore too stringent, as the government currently recommends a maximum of one large glass of wine for women (2-3 units), and slightly more for men (3-4 units), per day.”

Holy cow! Bring me some wine because it’s obviously ok for me to drink it, right?


This is when things get a bit sketchy, according to the article, Professor Poikolainen has looked at “decades of evidence” to draw these conclusions.

But, he doesn’t mention any of the evidence. He hasn’t published it and nobody knows where it is. All of the things he is saying goes against alcohol guidance from governments and public health scientists.

Lets swing over to WebMD.com real quick. They actually give great advice when you’re not trying to diagnose yourself with brain cancer because of a headache.

“There is a misperception that red wine is abundant in antioxidants. “It does contain some, but they are not always well absorbed. If you want antioxidants, you are better off eating a spinach salad with vegetables than drinking a glass of red wine,” Rimm tells WebMD.”

You can read the rest here: http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/wine-how-much-is-good-for-you

So, what’s going on here? Is this an old man trying to make you believe that just because you drink a lot you’re not an alcoholic? It’s looking like it. I need the evidence here, sir!

Apparently the government has been getting a bad rep for being too harsh on drinking restrictions.

“The Royal College of Physicians has written to the government suggesting that guidelines should reflect recent evidence suggesting that frequency of drinking is important in disease risk, rather than simply quantity per day. The recommended daily limits seem to be based on rather old evidence, and a more nuanced guide to alcohol consumption might be more informative to consumers wanting to monitor their drinking.”

More people are drinking and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to let loose and drink a little or a lot. I’d like some new findings and new information that is actually presented and proved true.

I’ll leave you with this little bit of news from published findings,

“Poikolainen has mentioned, in published research, that drinking is related to mortality in what is known as a J-shaped curve; those who drink a small amount are at lower risk of death and illness than those who drink nothing, but the risk rapidly rises in those who drink a lot.”

Interesting, but I want to see the findings here.

Drinking in the Nude

Yes, you read that right.


I came across this article and had to stop and read it! It just grabbed my attention and made me laugh with the pictures used. This is a perfect example that a title of a story can grab someones attention and make them read.


Apparently a resort, Sunny Rest, in Pennsylvania is hosting a Bare Beach Beer Bash, say that 5 times fast, and a Bare Vine Wine fest this summer. Um wow. Here’s what the article said and I’m still laughing.

“If you are waffling about whether to whip it all out, this is not the vacation for you. The first thing you need to know is “nudity is required” at the beer and wine festival areas, according to the event flyer on the resort website.”

Required?? I can’t even go get a look and a laugh. Such a pity. I really applaud the writer of this story. It’s well written, cheeky and get’s the point across. It held my attention the whole time and the photos are fantastic. It gives you the information you need and you even get a few chuckles along the way.

Here’s a little statistic for ya, nude recreation is a $440 million industry. There are even nude cruises. That’s not my thing and I don’t see how people can drink alcohol in the nude and not be self conscious of the bloating.

Like walking up to someone and saying oh hello, nice to meet you. Yes, please look at my NAKED BODY. For heaven’s sake. Great story, weird concept. It’s a winner.

If you’re interested in traveling in the nude, go to travel buff.com and there’s even a website…google The American Association for Nude Recreation.

Thanks Kristi Palma for the article, props to you.

Calling All Wine Documentary Lovers

Interesting title, I know. I can barely contain myself because I have found the holy grail of documentaries. One about wine!

It is part of the Newport Film Festival and it’s called “An American Wine Story.” It starts screening this weekend and while I’m too far away to see it, I’ll keep my eyes out for it on Netflix or online somewhere. It has definitely piqued my interest.

It is directed by David Baker and made by Three Crows Productions in Oregon. The documentary lasts for a little over an hour and tells the tale of a dozen winemakers around the country. These wine lovers quit they jobs and everything about their lives to make wine for a living. Pursuing their dream, what a great story.

It starts off a little dramatically with the line,
“If you finally discovered your true calling, would you have the courage to start over?”

scrolling across the opening screen.

Each of these wine makers pulled up stakes and followed their dreams. it’s inspiring and I haven’t even see the video yet.

The film describes the hardships that come along with pursuing a dream and a new life, offering a realistic and relatable account of the American dream.
ImageYou get a glimpse of the story of Jimi Brooks, owner of Brooks Winery in Oregon. After he graduated college, he moved to Europe and worked in a couple of wineries. He became fascinated with old vines and wanted to make Riesling out of them.
“I think Jimi represents that third wave of young punk winemakers of the late ‘90s early 2000s who came in and had so much energy and so much passion and wanted to shake things up,” says the Oregonian’s Katherine Cole.

He believed in  in organic and biodynamic farming, but died before he could finish his dream. His sister took on the winery until his son, Pascal, was old enough to take the reigns. He is now the youngest winery owner in Oregon.

Sometimes, wine starts with an epiphany. The film goes through the process of epiphany wines.

“Wine people always talk about epiphany wines, this one bottle that we’ll say blew the tops of our heads off,” recounts Jay Selman of Grape Radio, a wine podcast and blog. “For me — and I’ve had lots of those kind of bottles — I would say the first one. Easy to remember. It’s like the first time you have sex. You’re never going to forget it. It’s imprinted on your brain cells forever.”

Pretty interesting quote there, but gets the point along. Epiphany wines are powerful and they start the gears turning.

Some of the winers started with money, lost money and gained money during their journey in the wine circuit.

Shots of the beautiful vineyards are shown and make you want to jump right in the film. It’s easy to see how some people abandon everything is suit of something that beautiful

Screenings of “An American Wine Story” will be shown at Fashion Island Cinema in Newport Beach. It’s only  $14. I can’t go, but maybe you can. Order here,


Getting Down and Crafty

It’s Friday!

Finals are soon approaching for me which means I have been looking for ways to effectively not study. Pinterest to the rescue. I found some really cool wine crafts that I’ve already tried and will be trying this weekend. Hopefully it won’t turn into a mess that some pinterest projects end up as.

Glittery Wine Glasses. The love of any college girl. I’ve actually done this before and here’s a picture of how it’s supposed to turn out. You’re going to need a few things to get started, it’s pretty simple.

-Mod Podge- this stuff is magical. You can get it at Walmart, Hobby Lobby or any craft store.
-Small clear squeeze bottle- again Walmart to the rescue
-Paintbrushes- keep it on the smaller side
-Blue Painter’s Tape
-Glitter- try a smaller grain but any type works
-Wine glasses- any kind works

Put the painter’s tape around the edge of the glass so no one gets a mouth full of glitter.

Coat the outside of the glass with mod podge using the paintbrushes. Holding the inside of the glasses is easier and more stable.

After you put your thin layer on, sprinkle the glitter on. The possibilities are endless! Make sure you get a good, even coating of glitter and make sure no glass is visible.

Now set the glass right side up and let it sit overnight. Don’t take the tape off!

You need to seal the glitter by painting mod podge over it one last time. Leave it for half a day or a few hours.

Take the tape off and it’s going to look fabulous!


And to make an amazing gift, do the same thing to a champagne or wine bottle. My friend bedazzled a wine bottle for my 21 birthday and I can’t even uncork the bottle because it is so beautiful.

My grandmother fed christmas lights into a wine bottle for me and it’s a decoration that sits on my desk year round. It’s a perfect little gift and you can change the lights out to go with seasonal holidays.

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Check out pinterest.com or etsy.com for more ways to create your own beautiful creations!